How to use your smartphone for your business like a Pro

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This 2022 started at full speed, and at Let’s Do It Agency we want to help you get the most out of your smartphone. Nowadays we use the cell phone to check emails, check social networks, and be in contact with friends, family, and our clients!

Here we will teach you how to grow your business with tools and tips that will take your business to the next level.

1. Organize your APPs:

The first step is to organize your applications: There are many options; choose the ones that best suit your needs, for example, one that is to keep track of your website, an agenda that allows you to keep track of pending tasks, one that you can attend meetings from anywhere and others to communicate with your clients. We recommend: wordpress, which will allow you to keep track of your website, calendar (from Google or Apple), Evernote for your pending tasks, and tidio to link your communication channels and manage them from one place.

2. Automate responses:

 Adequate customer service in your business is necessary to create a relationship of trust with your audience and thus close leads. You can schedule greeting messages and data requests on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp to interact with your customers in real time while you do other things. Remember that time is money, and if you follow this advice you will save a lot.

3. Always activate a backup:

 Can you imagine losing your phone by accident and not being able to access your files? Nobody wants to go through this, right? , then all your files must be in the cloud; activating a backup on your phone will save you more than one headache.

4. Take photos with a professional touch:

The camera does not make the photographer; With the right shots and lighting, you can take photos from your phone to win over your audience.

Finally, perseverance is the key to all these tips that we give you. Starting to work on your social networks, website, branding takes time. But the reward is high, so let’s get to work and
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